Autor Dipl.-Kfm. Jochen Treuz From first draft to finished product I author:
  • Scripts and professional articles relevant to business-oriented subjects.
  • For seminar companies as well as coaches me and my team prepare target group orientated seminar papers.
  • Since 2004 I am editor of the newsletter “Rechnungswesen und Controlling” (Management Accounting and Control) - a monthly presentation of current issues in accounting consisting of 12 pages each.
In all cases it is my intention to communicate complex information in a way that meets the audience’s needs and allows them to retain and process it.
Latest Book
Logo Basics of Financial Controlling
Grundlagen Controlling: Biltroller - Vom Bilanzbuchhalter zum Controller
The functions of legal accounting and financial controlling are about to merge. This leads to new challenges for accounting professionals. Our book delivers all the basics of financial controlling which will enable you to successful improve your knowledge. (2011)
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Logo Professional Liquidity-Management
Professionelles Liquiditätsmanagement
This book (Geman language) helps you planning and managing your cash-flow. It delivers an introduction to the basics of financial planning and liquidity-management along with the respective KPIs (2012).
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Logo Accounting News - Practice Handbook
Bilanzierung aktuell - Praxishandbuch
Klaus Hipp and I are editors of the practice handbook – Bilanzierung aktuell (Accounting News) which is published by the publishing house Verlag Dashöfer. Very experienced authors present any information regarding accounting in this edition on approx. 450 pages. *The pending changes due to the regulations of the BilMoG are an integral part of this publication. Stay informed and receive regular updates.
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Logo Specialist Dictionary Accounting and Controlling
Fachwörterbuch Rechnungswesen und Controlling
English terms and phrases are significantly gaining in influence in accounting and controlling. In business letters and professional discussions either with business partners or banks specific knowledge is expected. Now you can consult a dictionary and find the relevant terminology fast and easy.
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Earlier books
Logo Computer Practice Learning Course
Computer Praxis-Lernkurs
This is my first book published 2001. I wanted to have a chance to escape my friends and relatives permanent requests to install and or upgrade their PCs…. It is written in a plain matter-of-fact style. A wide choice of pictures illustrates how to successfully get started with a computer and even turn it into a high end machine.
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Logo Integrated Material Handling System and Logistic Management
Integrierte Materialwirtschaft und Logistik
Prof. Dr. Wannenwetsch is the author of this textbook published by Springer-Verlag in 2001 (1st Edition). As coauthor I am responsible for a few chapters. This handbook provides a comprehensive introduction to the thematic constellation, addressed to students as well as a broader public audience.
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PC Tool
Logo Forecasting and Optimised Budgeting according to the Unternehmensteuerreform 2008 (Corporate Tax Reform)
Optimale Finanzplanung mit der Unternehmensteuerreform 2008
Do you know the effect of the Unternehmensteuerreform 2008 on your key figures? Instead of struggling through all the changes on your own and making complicated calculations you can just use this ready made tool. It will immediately show your tax burden, interest share as a basis for calculating the local business tax as well as the accumulation effect according to the current legal position.
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Best Practice CD
Logo Best Practice CD: Geprüfte(r) Bilanzbuchhalter(in) (Chartered Accountant (CA))
Praxis-CD: Geprüfte(r) Bilanzbuchhalter(in)
A guideline to successfully pass examinations. This CD-ROM helps to acquire expected knowledge and skills. It is a preparation for future work life with practical relevance. On average 50% of the candidates are passing the examination and thus you might as well. High-quality tools for training and skill enhancement: You constantly update your knowledge. Templates and procedure checklists are always at your fingertips. You will find them under the topic of “Current Issues” and “Tools and Templates”. Professional knowledgebase: The integrated database is specifically designed for the financial accountants’ needs. It keeps you informed - a quick and concise insight into news regarding commercial and tax law - from A – Z – in a nutshell. Professionally edited quality content to make work easier.
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Logo Bilanzrechtsmodernisierungsgesetz (BilMoG) (Act to Modernise Accounting, Reporting and Auditing)
Bilanzrechtsmodernisierungsgesetz (BilMoG)
This modemisation is driven by the goal of having financial statements prepared in accordance with German GAAP (HGB) as a competitive alternative compared with those prepared under IFRS while simultaneously having the same quality and generating less costs and efforts. On the other hand the annual financial statement according to HGB (German Commercial Code) is to be sustained as bases for determination of dividends and taxation. This newsletter gives an insight into the pending changes. We will have a close look on the regulatory balancing act between modernising and maintaining
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Logo Risk Management -   Solutions for small and medium companies
Risikomanagement - Lösungen für KMUs
This newsletter shows step by step how to methodically identify and appraise general business risks and how to cover the economic risk. Adoption of a risk management offers a great benefit at little cost. This will improve your and your investors’ financial security.
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Logo Value Engineering - an Effective Instrument in Cost Management
Wertanalyse - Instrumente zum Kostenmanagement
Along the lines of „cost management corresponds to cost reduction” this newsletter shows best practice how to identify and optimise your cost structures.
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