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Here you will find my most recent collection of book tips as pdf-files ready for download or as direct link to the publishing houses website. There you may get further information regarding the particular book. E-Mail.

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Ferdinand Piëch: Auto.Biography. As prevailing for an auto-biography and not against one’s expectations Ferdinand Piëch gives his own view on his leadership role in automobile history, which goes back some 30 years and is not without controversy. An interesting book, not only for car fans but for anyone who wants to realise and implement own ideas in a company. (As at 13.08.2004)

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Sample article as first impression of “Accounting News - Practice Handbook”. This book is published by the publishing house Verlag Dashöfer and I am the editor. Very experienced authors present any information regarding accounting on approx. 300 pages. The pending changes due to the regulations of the BilMoG are an integral part of this publication. (As at 17.09.2008)

Buch Rechnungswesen Controlling.pdf
(424 KB)
Jochen Treuz: Specialist dictionary „Rechnungswesen und Controlling Deutsch-Englisch/Englisch-Deutsch( Accountancy and Controlling German-English/English-German)“. It had been published in August 2007. Approx. 400 pages full of elaboration of terms and concepts in German together with their translation and brief explanation in English. (As at 16.07.2007)

Cash Flow Management.pdf
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Manfred Ertl: Aktives Cash Flow-Management (Active Cash Flow-Management). This book is about sources of liquidity by value based management and efficient administration. Based on the relevance of liquidity for a company the author explains the basic relations. He describes very clearly which intern and extern drivers have to be taken into account. Furthermore he explains which actions are needed to map out a strategy to maintain a specified liquidity ratio based on current data. (As at 13.07.2005)

Controlling leicht gemacht.PDF
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Hans-Jürgen Probst: Controlling made easy. Who’s afraid to be in the black? As targeted audience the author names beginners, who want to start with controlling in a practice orientated manner as well as experts, who want to gain a brief survey. (As at 25.01.2005)

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„Deutschland- Abstieg eines Superstars (Germany – fall of a superstar)“. It became increasingly obvious that Germany is to lose its economic leadership in various fields. What is causing this effect? Gabor Steingart describes the rise and fall of the welfare state. He analysis the reasons in a cross party way.

Die ausgefallene Generation.pdf
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Herwig Birg: Die ausgefallene Generation (The Failed Generation) – democraphics future telling. The author deals with basic principles of population, demography and the results for our society of the structural changes pertaining to it. He held that we are only able to keep the GDP (PPP) per capita, which is an indicator of standard of living, on the current level if we succeed in balancing the quantitative degrease of production by increasing knowledge (thus products of higher quality). (As at 12.12.2005)

Die Billig-Luege.pdf
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Franz Kotteder: Die Billig-Lüge (The Cheap Lie). The author describes cause and effect of the “Greed is good (Geiz-ist-geil)” characterized mentality to customers and trade chains. (12 chapters) He also gives a near-future prospect at life in 2020 in the case the specified trend remains steady. (As at 14.08.2005)

Finanzen und Wachstum.pdf
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Handelsblatt Management Bibliothek: The best Management-Tools 3: Finance and Growth. This book is volume 10 of a 12-volume book series published by the Handelsblatt - all of them dealing with different aspects of management. Since this is not a book written by one author there is no central theme and no consistent position regarding the issue. Exactly this turns out to be attractiveness of the series: Different authors give different insights into the same subject. (As at 08.08.2005)

Herausforderung China.pdf
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Wolfgang Hirn: Herausforderung China (The Chinese challenge) – How the rise of China virtually effects our life. During 12 chapters the author''s pictures of contemporary China should capture everybody. The book is full of facts and thus an ideal starting point for those who want to learn more about the new China.

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Klaus Henning Busch (publisher): Innovationen erfolgreich realisieren (Erfinden lernen – lernend erfinden)(Successfull in Realising Innovations – Learning to Invent – Inventing by Learning). To begin with real life cases demonstrate typical progressions of innovation processes. It becomes clear that innovations refer to new products as well as new processes and organisational structures. Hence every single element of a company ought to be subject to innovations. The book ends with cases from everyday life to exemplify the way of development from innovative ideas to saleable products. (As at 24.02.2005)

Ist D noch zu retten.pdf
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Hans-Werner Sinn: Ist Deutschland noch zu retten? (Can Germany still be rescued?) The book starts with an analysis of the present situation in Germany. For this purpose he uses various information from different sources (i. e. OECD-studies, Statistisches Bundesamt / Federal Statistical Office, European Commission and others), which are interpreted and explained by him. Prof. Sinn’s opinion is highly controversial, but since economics is a social science ideas are needed. (As at 17.06.2005)

Lebst Du noch.PDF
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Christine & Harald Lüders: Lebst du noch, oder sparst du schon? Forever young – trotz Rente und Reformen (Are you still alive or do you already economise? Forever young – in spite of retirement pay and reforms). The authors Lüders analyse the present state of the economy as well as the state of pensions. The targeted audience covers the man in the street : Youngsters, barely middle-aged people as well as retired persons. Worth reading! (As at 04.11.2004)

Liquiditätsplanung Treuz-1310.pdf
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Masterplan Deutschland.pdf
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Ulrich van Suntum: Masterplan Deutschland – Mit dem Prinzip Einfachheit zurück zum Erfolg (Masterplan Germany – back to success by simplicity principle). The author demands a cutback in bureaucracy. To do so, there would no money be needed, only courage and resolve. As goal of this reduction he imagines Germany in 2020 to recover its position as one of the leading industrial nations it once has had in the 1950s and 1960s. (As at 14.09.2006)

Nur wer sich aendert.PDF
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Friedrich Merz: Nur wer sich ändert wird bestehen –Vom Ende der Wohlstandsillusion (Only those who embrace change as an opportunity will survive – about the end of prosperity illusions). To say in advance: Contrary to my apprehension the author, Friedrich Merz, avoids party-political orientated statements. He describes and analysis the present state of the German economy on the basis of a profound knowledge of economics. (As at 01.12.2004)

(36 KB)
Tom Peters: Re-imagine – Spitzenleistungen in chaotischen Zeiten (Re-imagine – Business Excellence in a Disruptive Age (Live)). More than 20 years after he published his bestseller “In Search of Excellence” Tom Peters is searching again – this time in a disruptive age. (As at 29.04.2004)

Rechnungswesen Controlling.pdf
(150 KB)
Jochen Treuz: Survey of the content of more than 40 newsletters „Accounting and Controlling“. Since 2004 I am publisher and editor of this newsletter. It is a monthly issue by the publishing house Forum-Verlag and addresses all topics of accountancy: Accounting, controlling and tax law. You will stay informed with this easy to read newsletter. (As at 02.09.2007)

Roaring Nineties.PDF
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Joseph E. Stiglitz: „Die Roaring Nineties. Der entzauberte Boom“ (The Roaring Nineties – Disenchanted boom). Similar to the boom in the 1920s the US-economics realised one at the end of the 20th century. The boom in share prices during the Roaring Nineties had been one big stock market bubble.

Strategie Europa.pdf
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Lothar Späth: Strategie Europa – Ein Zukunftsmodell für eine globalisierte Welt (Europe strategy – a model for the future for a Global World). The author builds a bridge from the initial position of a world in the Age of Globalisation over Europ’s Chances to the revitalisation of Germany. He recommends a benchmarking of every vitally important sector of Germany to chart the course of essential changes. (As at 08.08.2005)

Wachsen ohne Wachstumsmaerkte.pdf
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Adrian Slywotzky/Richard Wise: Wachsen ohne Wachstumsmärkte - Unternehmensstrategien für neuen Aufschwung (Growth in absence of growing markets – business strategies for a new boom). The authors start with the statement that throughout many branches the once- usual growth rates are slowing. To cover their needs companies search for growth and try to compete for meager profits in a shrinking niche. By this means reasonable increase in business volume and profits decline. Slywotzky and Wise recommend maintenance and enhancement of customer relations. (As at 01.07.2006)

Was kommt nach Globalisierung.pdf
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Kenichi Ohmae: Was kommt nach der Globalisierung? (Next Global Stage: The: Challenges and Opportunities in Our Borderless World). The author views that the global economy is a reality not a future slogan.Hence this book is about the next global stage. Omae’s argues that the nation-states are obsolete. They are being displaced by \\"region states\\"

(24 KB)
Henrik Müller: Wirtschaftsirrtümer – Richtigstellungen von Arbeitszeitverkürzung bis Zinspolitik (Econonomic errors – corrections from reduction in working hours to interest policy). Contrary to what might be expected by reading the title this book not only deals with errors but with errors on errors as well. The author picks up the recent discussions regarding political and economical problems. (As at 17.12.2004)
Book tips - Links
Business success in the internet Author: Joachim W. Steuck- Survey on possible applications of the internet within a company. Detailed tutorial on how to develop an internet strategy.
Excel for Controllers Author: Wolfram E. Mewes- Detailed and practice orientated guide with Excel solutions for business operations.
Marketing in the internet Nina Pawlowitz- pocket guide for beginners who want to gain insight in the basics and possible implementations.
Marketing strategies Author: Jochen Becker- Good survey on how to develop marketing strategies. Interesting for students as well as for experts.