Trainer Dipl.-Kfm. Jochen Treuz

Methods of Instruction

During my seminars the focus is on individual participation, direct experience, and understanding of the process, rather than dry lectures and an essentially passive learning.
Participants are expected to actively participate in class. This means they should not simply absorb, reinforce and memorise the content of the course, but critically discuss problems and learn a range of business problem solving techniques.
This exploratory give-and-take is highly participatory leads to improved performance and makes learning active.

Active participants

"Tell me and I'll forget; show me and I may remember; involve me and I'll understand."
Active participation is an important goal. Therefore I encourage and facilitate it. In order to provide a quick and short access to the current subject I give some basic information and facts. Based on these we are working together on a solution to problems or analyse business cases either in small teams or as individual exercises. Thus the participants play an active part in achieving the seminars’ objectives and see the context.

Varied methods of instruction

Using varied methods of instruction helps to maintain the level of attention. Therefore I am working with diverse methods such as: Business games, role playing and case studies. As a result the participants acquire knowledge from different sources: Oral contributions, class discussions and their own experience.

Guarantee learning success

In order to guarantee a long term learning success I ascertain in each individual case that every attendee completely understood the basic essentials. For this purpose I give a résumé of the information given and show the general context at the end of every training session. Providing short exercises closely related to practice puts the participant in a position to verify the subject matter.

Practical orientation

Learning applicable techniques to solve problems and how to use them serves students much better than to give the answer to a problem. During my seminars we deal with problems directly related to the attendees’ daily work. In case they do have a relation to the learning objectives we will then deal with a particular case in order to implement the knowledge gained so far in professional daily work.

Personal Coaching

In addition I am in a position to offer assistance to implement the knowledge gained as a personal coach at the work place. This makes it much easier to utilise skills learned in day-to-day business.
Personal coaching gives a competitive edge whilst preparing for a new job, a personal interview or an assessment centre. It is a chance to discuss crucial factors for a successful occupational career.