Berater Dipl.-Kfm. Jochen Treuz I am in the position to assist with the following topics:
  • You are in the need of an optimal accounting model/cost model?
  • You want to establish an effective controlling and instruct your employees?
  • You are considering whether or not issuing financial statements in accordance with IAS/IFRS would be worth the effort?
  • You reconsider your company’s strategic and policy and are uncertain which financial key figures will serve your purpose?

Every company is different:
  • Different products
  • Different customer structure
  • Different business structures
  • Different objectives
As a result every consultancy has to start with a survey of the actual state. Having completed the strategy finding a global to-be concept according to predefined objectives and intra-organisational business processes can be derived.

A professional implementation according to the project plan jointly worked out between the parties completes the consultancy. In doing so we can use the data already gathered in the accounting system and if applicable set up Excel spreadsheets on the spot.

At all events you and your employees will have a well-functioning easy to use cost and performance calculation and controlling system as a result of my consultancy.