Some recent links of interest

A collection of links to other websites with the same issues as covered during my seminars with reference to business economics, accounting and controlling. A visit is worthwhile in any case. If you know of any interesting link, which might be in line with this collection, please forward it to me together with a brief description. E-Mail.

Link categories: Articles  Basel II  Business Management for non-economics  e-Bicycle-Project  IAS/IFRS  Marketing  Windows CE 
Articles Very extensive link list for articles regarding business management and economics (marketing, HR management, logistics, tax law, etc.)
Basel II
Bank für Internationalen Zahlungsausgleich The original: Website owned by the `Basel Committee´ in English. Here you will find basic information and the most recent state.
Basel II Infoportal Internet portal regarding Basel II, newsletter, literature, news from different sources and numerous links – including rating agencies.
German Federal Bank info ref. Basel II Very detaild information, download offerings for various documents (consultation documents)
Business Management for non-economics
Forum and articles for TBMSs A place for technical business management specialists to go further into a question and for exam preparation
Links for TBMSs A guide to articles and online lexica in the field of business administration and economics
Technical business management specialist A site designed for technical business management specialists IHK (CCI): Training, examples of projects and presentations.', '
Senglar - e-power on wheels Beginning in June 2009 I started testing and developing e-power-kits for MTBs (something slightly different). This website keeps you informed of the progress of the project.
Accounting Academy My partner to organise online seminars in the field of IAS/IFRS. Here you may acquire skills for accounting according to IAS regardless of time and place.
Advertising forms Survey on traditional forms as well as modern ones for the internet. Good site for beginners.
Windows CE
COMPAQ iPAQ-Support Downloads for most recent drivers for PCs and CF-Cards, software updates. Everything you need to know about Compaq iPAQ. Detailed explanation of available accessories and software.
Powerpoint Converter Albatros Viewer – a very cool little programm: A desktop program that converts an existing PP-file to the ipaq format. The view can be turned through 900. It includes support for thumbnail viewing of slides and notes.